Απεραντος Λευκος Ουρανος
Endless White Ninth Heaven



owarinaku shiroki kyuuten


Endless White Ninth Heaven



First Manga Appearance

Chapter 333

Απεραντος Λευκος Ουρανος (終わりなく白き九天, Endless White Ninth Heaven) is an original spell created by Eva specifically for use against the disciples of the Lifemaker. A wide-range spell centered around a ‘white rose’, a tornado of lightning-ice, whose vines lock on to and pursue soulless beings. Once caught, the entire area around the target, including any shields, are continually frozen. Eva comments that the targets are left conscious so that they can experience the horror for all eternity. However, as it targets constructs, it is believed to be ineffective against actual humans, although she did target Jack Rakan with the spell.


Hupakoson ten diatheken, akouson me, aionia basilisa, tou skotous kai tes chionos.
Anthismena leuka rhoda, tou pag kipos atermonos en hupnoi.
Epigenetheto, taionion erebos, aionie krustalle.
Meta tou psuchrou keraunou, sullamb ta apsukha upokheimena.
Thaumaste galene, leuka rhoda anthismena aionion desmoterion.
Απεραντος Λευκος Ουρανος

Obey the contract, answer me, darkness, ice and snow, the queen of eternity.
The coursing white rose of ice, the sleeping eternal garden.
Come, everlasting darkness, the eternal glacier.
Imprison the soulless puppets with frozen lightning.
The enchanting tranquility, the eternal prison of white roses blooming in profusion.
Endless White Ninth Heaven