Ensis Exsequens
Ensis Exsequens



danzai no tsurugi


Sword of Conviction



First Manga Appearance

Chapter 109

Ensis Exsequens (断罪の剣, Sword of Conviction) is a high-level, extremely destructive attack spell, taking the form of a glowing ‘blade’ extending from the arm, which forcibly initiates phase change in certain substances, turning solids into liquid and gas, essentially vaporising any substance within range.

The process of vaporisation would generally be assumed to be an increase of temperature; however, in order to absorb the large amount of vaporisation heat and the latent heat of fusion, the temperature radically decreases. Therefore, even if the initial forced phase change was magically resisted, the target will be exposed to an extreme cold wave due to absorption of the enthalpy of fusion by the surrounding air, making this a two-fold lethal attack.

Dissimilar to most cold-based spells, which generally work by freezing and solidifying the target; this magic works in reverse by reducing temperature with an induced phase change. Thus, cold-based magic is also capable of vaporisation in addition to solidification, though performing this would require a mage on the level of Evangeline.